Soca Switch Competition Standards

March 14, 2017
  • Soca Switch Competition is free to all Saint Lucian’s locally and internationally for 2017.
  • All power, groovy and Lucian Kuduro songs released before 10th April, 2017will automatically receive entry into the competition for the St. Lucia 2017 carnival season. NB: All releases should be sent to prior to the 10th April, 2017.
  • There will be no distinction between Groovy and Power Soca in The SOCA SWITCH competition. There will be One Champion, the best overall performer will be crowned the reigning Soca Switch champion.
  • There will be a separate competition segment for the Lucian Kuduro on the same night, where the first ever Kuduro Champion will be crowned. 

Please note that the first and second wave of judging will be done on pre-recording.

  • The first wave of judging will be done by a selected judging committee which consist both local and international judges with various backgrounds including but not limited to: regional, international & local Dj’s, production houses, writers and a cross section of St. Lucian carnival enthusiasts, with a shared vision for the growth of St. Lucia carnival. Additionally, part of the judging will be done via text and Facebook e-poll. After, the first wave a total of twenty (20) songs will be selected.
  • The second wave of judging will be done by a panel of judges to select the qualifying ten (10) songs which will go through to the competition on the 20th May, 2017. All qualifying Artiste will be notified via email.
  • Please note that the third wave of judging will be done on the night of the actual SOCA SWITCH COMPETITION, 20TH May, 2017.
  • All successful Artiste will be performing their qualifying song with any desired props on the night of the SOCA SWITCH COMPETITION along with a live band and Dj.
  • An appearance fee will be paid to the successful Artiste.